To say I’ve neglected this blog is an understatement. Its been almost two months since I’ve done anything but work at 3 jobs. While I enjoy discussing return policies as much as the next guy its time for me to have a few days off and leave the lovely confines of the golden ghetto, Carmel.  A few weeks ago I decided to book another mega bus ticket to Chicago. In two weeks I”ll be back in the city for three days and while I would love to just follow my blog and visit the exact same places in the same order I am seeking out suggestions for what to see and do in Chicago.  That’s not to say that I don’t secretly hope to stumble upon Kelsey Grammer walking the streets with his girlfriend/daughter ( only kidding lawyers for Kelsey Grammer.) If you know of some good places to see leave me a comment so that I may better immerse myself as a tourist in the great city of Chicago. Plus you may just get mentioned in the next blog post. For now I will continue to get berated by Carmel moms who are upset that they didn’t get to use their 50 cent coupon on their $300 purchase just counting down the days till I get to get on the luxurious vehicle that is the megabus.

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