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One of the most important things to know about life is that it doesn’t always go as planned. My route to getting to Europe was very unconventional so I was surprised when the first 3 days of the trip went off without a hitch. I loved every minute of Rome and Venice, but there were storm clouds on the horizon that came in the form of nausea and sickness. We left Venice and drove to the Italian lake district to stay in our hotel overnight before leaving for Lucerne in the morning. Something I haven’t touched on so far in this blog is just how incredibly nice the hotel rooms were on the trip. We’re talking 4 and 5 star hotels which I will most likely never stay in again so I had to enjoy them while I could. What made them even better was the fact that I was by myself so I was in a room with two beds for ten days. Needless to say I switched back and forth from bed to bed.

Lake Maggiore

This was our Hotel in the Italian Lakes. Yeah not too shabby

With that as the backdrop this is what my afternoon in the Italian Lakes consisted of, eating eating and eating. We got to our hotel at around 6 after driving for about 3 hours. This was probably the most enjoyable of all the bus rides for two simple reasons 1. the scenery which consisted of mountains on one side and lakes on the other and 2. all the streets were very narrow so it was fun to see some of the more dramatic women on the trip squirm. There were two ladies on the tour in particular who I nicknamed the fur ladies that had the hardest time with the driving. Now these two were some divas, they may have complained about everything on the trip and my goal by the end of the tour was to get a picture with them with their furs on. This is as close as I got.

I remember eating dinner in this villa turned hotel thinking that life doesn’t get much better than this but i was in for a rude awakening. I woke up early that morning with stomach pains and got a terrible feeling that the bus ride from Lake Maggiore to Lucerne would not be a pleasant one. I was convinced that I was the only one that was sick because as most people know I don’t exactly have an iron stomach. What I discovered when I came down for breakfast was the exact opposite however. Half of the people in my group were clinging to their chamomile tea like it was the last thing to eat on earth. Apparently there was one drawback to this beautiful hotel, a stomach virus. Lucky for me I am always prepared and I just prepare for the worst so I remembered to bring immodium on the trip. I guess I was the only one who did because I ended up sharing the rest of it with the other 20 people who felt like death. That bus ride certainly brought us together as everyone who didn’t get sick did anything they could to make the rest of us feel better. Quick side note this may not be accurate but I think I may be the first person to have Montezuma’s revenge both in Mexico and Switzerland (Again not 100% accurate but it sounds right.)

I was certainly not the worst off however, and by the halfway point of the ride I was feeling like my old self again an it was hard not to with views like this out of my window:


It was amazing to see just how many small villages we passed on our way from city to city all throughout Europe. When I say small village I mean what looked like 20 houses and a church in the center. If I ever get the chance to go back to Europe I would want to rent a car and drive from village to village soaking up the different cultures that exist not only from country to country but city to city as well. I’m sure the food wouldn’t be too bad either in these small mountain towns.

One of the advantages of our hotel in Lucerne was its location in the city. Our tour director stopped the best at the edge of Lucerne and told us we could walk from the edge to our hotel which was in the center of the city. I was feeling better and I decided to do the walk which took about 20 minutes. Every part of Lucerne was breathtaking due in large part to the fact that the alps were staring you right in the face everywhere you went. There was very much a fairytale quality to the whole city. On the way to our hotel we walked to the lion monument which is supposed to commemorate the swiss during world war 2. Apparently they give out monuments for neutrality? It was a very cool thing to see this giant lion just carved into the side of a mountain. Lion Monument

We also got the chance to cross the chapel bridge which was built in the 14th century. This bridge was incredible and it gave me the chance to see the heart of Lucerne. This would be about all I saw of Lucerne however. I must have underestimated how sick I was because when we got to the hotel I fell asleep for about 5 hours. When I woke up it was almost time for dinner so I decided I should take advantage of the time I had and went for a walk through Lucerne. I got to the train station and wasn’t feeling well so I walked back.  Thats right my time in Lucerne consisted of a 2o minute walk to our hotel and a 20 minute walk to the train station. As I said at the start of my post life doesn’t always go the way you think it should. Thats ok though it just gives me a reason to come back to Lucerne. The beauty of the city is that even though I only explored it for an hour I was able to get many great pictures. Lucerne is truly a picturesque place and I can’t wait to return and actually dive right in to the scenery and culture, and maybe get down to figuring out what the lion monument was built for. Look for a post on Paris coming soon. Until then here’s some of those great pictures I was talking about.



Go ahead and send me the royalty checks tourism board of Lucerne


Hotel Schiller

The wallpaper in our hotel lobby, I was slightly frightened

Chapel Bridge

Chapel Bridge



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