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I thought I would take a quick break from writing about my travels to talk a little bit about Target. Now that its summer time I have been seeing lots of kids I went to high school and college with coming into the store. For a little background, I graduated from IU in December and have been looking for a job in the sports field since then. When I graduated I knew that I would have a lot of loans to pay back so I decided to head back to Target because they were flexible enough to let me come back during breaks throughout school. Is Target my dream job, No, but these past six months have been very helpful for me in paying back my loans as I’m almost halfway through paying them back.  Do I get a little embarrassed when I see people that I know, sure, but I know that I’m doing the right thing by going back. I could be sitting on the couch all day doing nothing but I would rather spend a year at Target so I can pay back all my loans and be free to do what I choose to do.

In the past six months I’ve been able to network with many of Indianapolis’ top marketers and I feel like I’m absolutely heading in the right direction. So even though there are some things that I don’t like about working for Target (those people that I’m close to know those reasons and then some,) I still feel like going back was the most practical decision I could have made. At the same time there are many great people that I work with that make those other things seem trivial while I’m actually at work. I am someone that always looks at the positive side of things so whenever I am at work I try to make the best of the situation and hopefully the people that I work with can see that. The way I look at it the friendships that I’ve made with the people that I work with balances out that crazy coupon lady, or the person who brings back their clothes that smell like an ash tray and tell you they never wore them.

Life is full of unexpected situations. If you had asked me my sophomore year of college if I would be at Target after graduation I would have told you you were crazy. Things happen however and its important to meet challenges head on. College has a way of keeping you in a bubble and the one thing that snaps that bubble is looking at your final loan amount due. I know that by putting in this hard mostly thankless work now I will be better prepared for the future. Because lets be honest if I can survive countless Carmel mom’s there’s not much that can stand in my way.


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